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Who killed Molly Ryan? That's the question we've been sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to see answered all season on Guilt, and the season finale will finally give us an answer. BuddyTV recently chatted with Daisy Head (who plays the main suspect, Grace Atwood) and Billy Zane(who plays Grace's ethically-challenged and unpredictable defense attorney, Stan Gutterie) about the big twists this season. We also got some insight into what's in store in the upcoming epic finale, and why the killer's reveal isn't even the most shocking part of the episode. Get the inside scoop below.

In the season 1 finale of Guilt, the crown prosecutor becomes convinced of Grace Atwood's involvement in killing her flatmate Molly Ryan. The verdict now lies in the hands of the jury. As the jury deliberates over Grace's fate, Detectives Bruno and Pike quickly try to uncover who was behind the Hertfordshire murder and see if the two cases are related. In order to buy more time, Stan and Natalie try and postpone the court proceedings, completely unaware that Grace already has an escape plan of her own in motion. Meanwhile, Patrick is still convinced that Prince Theo is the murderer and is intent on revenge. So, when the Prince's compulsions lead him back to Kaley, it provides Patrick with the opportunity he's been waiting for.

Daisy and Billy spoke with us about this crazy season full of unexpected twists, and assured us that the finale will only offer more of these. Here's what they had to say about Grace's fate, Stan's beliefs and everyone's motives.

Daisy, at any point throughout the season, have you yourself questioned Grace's innocence?

Daisy: "Absolutely, and I think anyone in her position would question their own innocence. As much as she's wanted to believe in her own innocence, the situation and circumstances surrounding the events, and events thereafter, do leave a lot of room for self-doubt. That was something that I think she found really difficult to contend with. Despite thinking she knows herself and can trust herself, she was drunk, you know? She was on a cocktail, they had been partying. And in certain moments, we all do things that we perhaps don't think are possible. Obviously, hopefully not killing someone, that's pretty far-fetched. [Laughs] But I definitely doubted her innocence."

At this point, Grace must be sure of her innocence herself, right? Do you think that if she thought she was guilty, she would still try to make an escape?

Daisy: "Well, who knows. Grace is a very interesting character. She's by no means a one-trick pony. She can play several games, and I don't think you can be sure in anything that she would or wouldn't do. She has a strong response to fight or flight. In jail, you obviously see her fleeing at the point where she feels trapped. It feels like a golden opportunity which she can't resist. So no, I wouldn't be confident in thinking that you can judge her character."

Billy, on the same point -- do you think that Stan truly believes that Grace is innocent or that he's still just doing this to win?

Billy: "Yeah, I think that he's turned the corner on that." 

Were you guys shocked to find out who the killer was or did you have your own suspicions?

Billy: "Entirely shocked. Totally surprised."

Daisy: "Yeah. I mean, given all the evidence that we knew about, I don't think anything could prepare any of us. Despite all of us having our own suspicions, I don't think anyone completely nailed it."

Out of the whole season, what were your favorite shocks?

Billy: "I'll have to go back, there were so many ... the beautiful thing about revealing the murderer at the end of 10 episodes is that there's nothing arbitrary. There's no fat on this. Every scene of the episode has a big twist, a bomb-drop. So you don't even know where to go. I was surprised in every episode, honestly. That's why I think, in review, that this is going to be such a fun series to watch as a full-season binge. It's so entertaining. That's not just a marketing ploy, I genuinely can't pick just one moment."

Daisy: "Yeah, the show is so richly textured and layered. There is just shock after shock after shock. It's difficult to isolate any one, I think."

Are there any Easter eggs that you think the viewers should be paying closer attention to, that we'll realize once we know who the killer is?

Daisy: "I think it's great that the audience is making their own conclusions based on the evidence that has been given to them. Whether or not they're right or wrong I think is the charm of the show. It's the fun of being able to prove people right, but also prove people wrong."

How do you think fans will react to the big reveal?

Daisy: "Ask them, not me. [Laughs]"

Billy: "I think it'll be a myriad of all emotions. It'll be shock, it'll be frustration, there will even be some sadness, you know? It's [as] tragic as it is infuriating. The beautiful thing about it is that finding out is still not even the most shocking thing about the episode. [Laughs] That's what's so amazing. On top of that, you get more."

Daisy: "It's the show that keeps on giving."

Billy: "And that's what I love about the episode. It finally reveals, it delivers on everything, its entire promise. And if that weren't enough, an epilogue where all bets are off. It's just crazy, you won't even expect it. It's great."

If we do find out who the killer is and it's conclusive of that, what would be the mystery of season 2?

Daisy: "You'll have to wait and find out."

Bily: "Yeah, unfortunately we can't say because that, in effect, would give away the big surprise that's even after the revelation. Sorry to be cagey, but it enhances the experience, trust me. [Laughs]"


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