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Finola Hughes is one busy lady.  As top cop Anna Devane on General Hospital, she's kicking tail and taking names. Away from Port Charles, the actress has been immersed in her directorial debut for The Bet. 

I asked Hughes about her passion project, when I caught up with her at the Paley Center event celebrating GH's 50th anniversary. We also talked about her on-screen reunions with Anders Hove (Faison) and Ian Buchanan (Duke) and the directorial advice on-screen daughter Kimberly McCullough (Robin) gave her.  

DC: I got to hear your interview on The Jolt with Larry Flick.

FH: Oh good; he’s hilarious.

DC: Your son was hysterical! Calling out your hairstyle from back in the day, I was cracking up.

FH: Totally, he is just, yeah, I know. [Laughs]

DC: It must have been great having your son with you during all the 50th Anniversary press events?

FH: It really was great and I think he really enjoyed it. He got to ring the bell at the stock exchange, that’s amazing, once in a lifetime.

DC: So Anna’s a badass, our police commissioner.

FH: She is a badass.

DC: When is Anna going to find her daughter?

FH: You know it’s weird isn’t it? I keep forgetting about that. My character just keeps going on, but as far as Anna’s concerned Robin is no longer living, so it’s like,
why would I be looking?

DC: We just want Anna to be the one to find our girl.

FH: I hope I do, but you know what I find to be a fantastic twist? This whole thing with Britt being Dr. Obrecht and Faison’s daughter, that’s amazing and Britt trying to infiltrate herself into Dr. Drake’s life, that’s just a great story.

DC: How was it having Anders Hove back?

FH: He’s a great actor.  I love working with him.

DC: Any word of him returning?

FH: I hope so. I hope they finish that story off. I think that would be great. He so fantastic.

DC: You also got your Duke back.  You and Ian Buchanan are great together, that chemistry is obviously still there. Were you able to just pick it right back up?

FH: Yeah, we’ve been friends for years. We’re to start to get into the fun again. We’ve been through such hard things, so it’s weird. You can’t just jump in and have a lot of fun; you have to go through it until it can be fun.  We’re about to start.

DC: You also have a movie coming out, The Bet?

FH: That’s right; I just directed my first film.

DC: Like mother, like daughter.

FH: Kimberly is so inspiring.  I had to ask her a lot of questions, I was very nervous and I’d never done it before.  I got this opportunity to direct a film last year and it comes out April 19 and 20 in Santa Barbara.  I’m nervous as hell.

DC: Good luck!  I’m sure it’s going to be fabulous.

FH: Thank you very much.

Ecrit par Misty 



Ecrit par Misty 
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