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One of the big questions on all of fans minds is will the the unbelievably talented (she is an actress and a director to boot, now!) land a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress when the nominations for the 40th annual Daytime Emmys are announced tomorrow morning on Good Morning America, for her role as Anna Devane!  If her reel, and what we know, are any indication, she should be a lock for a spot!

In a brand new interview with Soap Opera Uncensored’s Nelson Branco, she has been named “Sexiest Woman Alive 2013″.  The GH star fields some questions on: acting against a latex mask during the Faison/Duke story and reveal, what she thinks of the renaissance of  the soap opera, the returns of AMC and OLTL, and if a return from her on-screen daughter, Kimberly McCullough (Robin) might be imminent.  Here are a few excerpts:

Finola on acting in the scenes with Duke then aka Faison:  “I had a lot of help from Frank Valentini (EP, GH). He was on the set all the time. And, obviously, a lot of help with the acting because Ian helped. I never think about the audience when I play a scene, Frank does. But when I was having to get close to Faison, I kept thinking, ‘The audience is going to be freaking out.’   So, I was like, ‘How am I going to show the fans that Anna is feeling weird or is trying to overcome something? How can I walk that narrow line, so that people can think, ‘ew, be careful,’ and, on the other hand, ‘It’s Anna… she’ll save herself.  As an actor, you can never be subjected to yourself. You can’t stand and watch yourself — or none of it will work. I had to find this place in me that gave myself a little warning bell like, ‘Don’t go too far or you’ll lose the audience. Pull back a bit, but let them know that you’re on their side, so I didn’t lose all street cred.’  Sometimes it got gnarly and, sometimes, I thought I saved myself and, sometimes, I had to jump in with both feet. What worked, worked, and what didn’t, didn’t. ”

Finola on the state of soaps, when everyone was saying they were dying:  “I didn’t believe it was over to begin with. I felt the apparent collapse of the soaps was wrong. I didn’t feel it was necessary. I felt it was mismanagement. They took a few wrong turns. Perhaps they weren’t grasping the audience as well as they could, but that didn’t mean they were over. What’s so amazing about soaps is the fact that it can be reinvented. It’s like Madonna. Just when people are ready to write her off, she reinvents herself and becomes more relevant and successful. As a human being, you should be able to do that; and certainly, if you’re a creative endeavor, like a soap, you should be able to shake things up. That’s certainly what they did with NIGHT SHIFT. It was a total reinvention of the craft. I thought it was very well done. And I’m not sure why that whole idea got dropped.”

Finola on if she thinks Kimberly McCullough will return as Robin soon to play out the story:  “I don’t know. We’ll see what she’ll do. I have no idea. I have the sense that she wants to bite her teeth in fully when it comes to her directing career. It’s been hard because she was on GH when I was gone; (and vice versa). We’ve wanted to work together for so long. We keep missing each other. It’s such a gift to work with her.”

Finola on the returns of One Life to Live and All My Children“I think it’s fantastic. I’m glad all those people have jobs again. There’s still lots of story to tell. I hope they shoot it differently and tell story in a new way. They’re inventing something really cool.”

So what do you think of Finola being named, “Sexiest Woman Alive 2013″?  Do you think the Anna should stay with Duke? Do you want Kimberly back to play scenes with Finola? Do you think Finola will land a Daytime Emmy nomination tomorrow?  Let us know!


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Ecrit par Misty 
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