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Interview Soaptown USA

Soaptown: How did the role of Eric come about for you?

Greg Vaughan: I was just one of the many that were fighting for a job. I got a call, asking if I wanted to come in to read. I said I was interested and what's the role. They gave me a breakdown, but they didn't give me a name or anything. But there was a few things I needed to understand (about the character) before moving forward. It was a good time and a good character and what made it even more of a decision for me was the challenge of the priesthood! It's against every role I've ever done - I would've never anticipated me being that guy! The journey already has been so rewarding and I know that the decision was right.

Soaptown: On screen the transition seemed very smooth. It felt like you've belonged here in Salem all along. How was in for you in real life?

Vaughan: It's been fun, it really has. There's an exciting energy there and a great amount of people that really take pride in their work. It's a blessing and I've always felt that in any work I've ever done in life. But to see that reciprocated on the same level, and everybody coming in and performing and having fun and laughing. Everyone really took me in so hopefully that is what made it translate on screen better. Everybody was very, very welcome.

Soaptown: Are you concerned that Eric being in the priesthood might limit his story potential?            

Vaughan: I think it just adds more to the fire!

Soaptown: Right now, he's just counseling everybody, but you know, some of them need it!

Vaughan: I need it! (laughs) I'm looking for Father Matt and wondering, hey where is my time?

Soaptown: Why should fans tune in to Days?

Vaughan: I understand there's a great fan base, and those that have seen my journey and my career, I hope they come on board too. I'm excited to be a part of this and the journey every day is new for me too. I don't know what is coming down the pipeline. I don't ask questions. But what they've been putting in front of me is fun and I'm enjoying it. So I keep trying to paint a nice beautiful picture.

Soaptown: What would you like to see ahead for Eric?

Vaughan: It's too early for me to have a personal take on what I would like to see different. I am involved with so many people right out of the gate and what's coming down the pipeline for others as well as myself - they have really mapped out a nice little arc for me and it's been really good. I'm just really holding the torch loud and proud for the moment!


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Ecrit par Misty 
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