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I asked everyone to send in their questions for Holly and I selected the best ones for her to answer. These questions were asked in person by myself while attending the 'Winston-Salem Comic Con 2018 Wizard World' convention in Winston-Salem, NC. 

Q: Do you plan on making more movies or maybe another series? From - hollyadmirer 

Holly: Not right now. My life consists of my three boys and running Finley back and forth to football practice. 

Q: If you hadn't gotten into the acting field, where do you think you would be? What would you be doing instead of acting? From - ~Liz~ 

Holly: Marine biologist. 

Q: Have you ever dealt with sibling rivalry between your three boys? If so, what did you do about it? From - melindahalliwell02 

Holly: All the time! Finley thinks he is an only child and the other two are a team. 

Q: If you were given the opportunity to do your own reality show, would you? – From Kendal Perry 

Holly: Yes! The closest thing I did was “Off the map” with Shannen. It was completely unscripted. 

Q: Do you ever watch Charmed episodes with your children? Also, what prop did you take home from Charmed? From - hollyizanidol 

Holly: I let my oldest son, Finley watch an episode of Charmed but he thought it was too weird so that is all he has seen. As for the Charmed props, I have some of the figures, the doll house from when they shrunk us and some tea cups. 

Q: Would you agree to do a Charmed movie if one was suggested? From - angeleyes2410 

Holly: Yes! Definitely. 

Q: What advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue a career in show business? From - hollysangel 

Holly: Be confident. Don’t be unsure of yourself. Make it easy for them. The room will already be against you. 

Q: How did you get into acting? From - dallasfan09 

Holly: Well, my mom was an actress and I would always go along to the auditions. Apparently, I was so opinionated and always told her what to do. With there only being a 15 year age gap she said “You do it then” and the rest is history. 

Q: Do you own a copy of the movies and shows you have appeared in? From - Pat Oldham 

Holly: Yes, I have everything! 

Q: Do you or your family collect magazine articles/interviews about you? From - Nabihah Yaqoob 

Holly: My grandmother did but she has dementia now. 

Q: What commercials and print ads did you appear in, in your earlier days? From - Dianna (me!) 

Holly: Yes! Let me think…I did one for Mac a long time ago! I also did one for energizer. Oh! And I did a Japanese one for Purina One. 


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