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Lochlyn Munro is well-known for his roles in White Chicks and A Night At The Roxbury. He is set to star as a senate candidate in the LMN World Premiere Secret Liaison, premiering Friday, Sept. 6 at 8pm ET/PT on LMN.

Lochlyn opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about his Secret Liaison character, who gets “caught up in a web” of drama while running for senate. He also chats about his two children, Magdalen, 10, and Hudson, 7, and shares how fatherhood changed him.

CBS: You will star in the LMN World Premiere Secret LiaisonCould you please tell us about the movie and your character?  How were you cast for the role?

LM: “Secret Liaison is all about political scandal.  My character is a running for Senate and gets caught up in a web of infidelity and murder.  The minute I finished the script, I knew I wanted the part.”

CBS: You’re also a dad of two. What are their names and ages, and what do they like doing for fun?

LM: “I have a 10-year-old daughter, Magdalen, who loves riding horses, as well as a 7-year-old son named Hudson. Hudson loves playing hockey, baseball, and soccer.”

CBS: Do they like watching you on TV and in movies? Will they watch Secret Liaison with you?

LM: “My children only watch the kids movies I do.”

CBS: Do they want to follow in your footsteps and get into acting? Will you support them if they do?

LM: “Neither of my children are really interested in acting or the industry. However, if they were, I would let them make that decision when they become adults.”

CBS: What are some of the values you hope to impart to your kids?

LM: “Kindness, honesty, and integrity are the values we try to instill in our children.”

CBS: How has fatherhood changed you? What kind of a dad are you?

LM: “Fatherhood taught me patience and unconditional love. I think I am a very hands-on dad, as I love doing things with my kids.”

CBS: What else are you working on?

LM: “I am currently working on another TV movie.”

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Ecrit par Misty 
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