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Inspired by the classic song, we thought we’d ask GENERAL HOSPITAL star Wes Ramsey (Peter) to list a few of his favorite things. And of course, his lady love Laura Wright (Carly), made the cut in the dozen items he shared with us, but you might be surprised by some of the others!

Even as his character of Peter August is still a bit of a mystery to viewers, they also would love to get to know the actor a bit better. So now you’ll learn about Ramsey’s love of the theater, poetry, the outdoors, food, hobbies, and more!


“My mom tells me I was a very serious child. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found a balance. Because I’m a Libra, I want to find the other sides in life and lighten up, take time to smell the roses... and laugh at them. I think that’s why Laura and I are so good for each other. We are actively in a state of entertaining each other all the time.” 

Classical Music

"I’ve loved classical music since I was 12. At that age, I was discovering who I was, and I felt like an old soul, drawn to things from other eras. When I ended up at Juilliard studying classical theater, it just felt like perfection to be surrounded by all these music prodigies,” the actor says. “Now, those are my favorite Pandora stations. It’s a massage for my soul.” 


“I feel I’m a kindred spirit to cats and have since I was a boy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spent time around a cat, and someone will say, ‘Oh my gosh, he never does that with anyone!’ We speak the same language, so they like me. I’ve always wanted one, but I’m allergic. I still struggle to deal with my allergies so I can spend time with them whenever I have the opportunity.”


"You name it, I love to eat it. And I like to learn about the different dry rubs and where they come from in America. My uncle had a barbecue restaurant when I was a little boy, and that’s surely where I discovered my love of it.” 


“I love being around trees, water and moun- tains. It’s very therapeutic. The best is when you can get physical in nature and then chill out in it in the same visit. Then you feel more connected than ever to the Earth.” 

Breaking a Sweat

“It doesn’t matter if it’s running uphill, hiking in the sun or on a treadmill if it has to be, working out or playing a sport — I love it all! Manual labor is also a great way to break a sweat. It’s grounding to get a difficult job done.” 


“I love to strum an acoustic guitar. I wouldn’t necessarily say I like doing it in front of people, but it relaxes me, and singing is a way to keep my voice and speech up to par so I can execute the way I want to at work. It’s also important to have a form of creative expression you enjoy that doesn’t involve what you normally do — like memorizing lines!” 


“At school in Kentucky, we would take these standardized tests, and if you finished early, you absolutely could not get up. You had to just wait. In the fifth grade, I discovered the scrap paper you can use for equations or notes was just sitting there, too, so I grabbed those papers, sat there and thought... and then these words started to come out of me! Those were the first poems I ever wrote, and 30-plus years later, I still enjoy reading and writing poetry.” 


“On our first date, I took Laura to a play, and it’s something we’ve tried to continue doing. It’s not only a fun date night, but the American theater is this rare, special thing people should remember to appreciate. For me, seeing actors perform live on stage is incredible, because from age 12 to 22, while falling in love with acting, that’s all I ever did. Some of my favorite memories as an actor have taken place on stage. So I like to support it.” 


“I like to explore parts of the country and the world I’ve never seen. It was a backpack, hostels and huts on the beach when I was younger. These days, Laura is a great travel companion. She loves to eat good food and stay in fun, cool places. When you’re raising kids, you don’t have the same liberties to travel, so she’s excited to do it more now, and that love of travel is something we share.” 

Clocking in at GH

"One of my favorite things, for sure, is getting to go to work consistently with this cast and tell the kind of stories we’re telling. I find it inspiring, challenging and grounding. As an artist, all you want in life is to find some combination of those three things and hold on to them. So it is, without a doubt, one of the great gifts of my life that I’ve found my home back in daytime television again. It’s very humbling and gratifying.” 

Laura Wright

“Carpooling to work with Laura. Cooking with Laura. Reading to Laura. Laughing with Laura. And flirting with Laura. Those are my favorite things that I love to do all the time!” 


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