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You tuned in for the pilot and then gave up. Or you may not have given it a chance at all out of loyalty for the Charmed you already knew and loved. Seven episodes in, this reboot is something you’ll want to consider giving a real chance.

The CW’s Charmed is one of those shows that got a bad reputation long before it even aired its first episode. I’ll be honest and say I was skeptical, as were many others. However, I decided to give it a real chance, pushing aside everything I loved (and sometimes hated) about the original show and treating this as a new outing.

I know many have given it a chance but gone in with low expectations or kept their skepticism. Others have decided not to even give it a chance at all. But that’s not really fair on the creators and the actors.

Sitting in sixth out of 12 CW shows, it looks like viewers don’t think the Charmedreboot is as bad as initially thought. It’s the highest rated of the three freshman shows. It’s not perfect but then no show is. But should you give it a chance?

I think you should. As a fan of Classic Charmed, I honestly think this new show is worth it. But I think it’s worth it if you’re willing to shake off the old and embrace the new.

5. It’s easing off some of the political messages

I’ll be the first to admit that the political messages were getting too much in the first couple of episodes. Mel was instantly my least favorite character of the series, as she constantly pushed her agenda without ever listening to anyone else.

Macy and Maggie have always been sweet and kind, but Mel was over-the-top; the type of militant feminists that I choose not to mix with out of annoyance.

But all that is changing. In the last three or so episodes, Mel has cooled it a little. I felt for her in Episode 5 when she had to make a difficult choice. While I don’t agree with the choice, I did feel for her. No spoilers for those who haven’t seen it but if you want to be spoiled, you can read the Episode 5 recap.

The storyline is becoming more focused on the sisters and their bond. There’s more focus on the big bad of the season. And there’s more focus on Harry the Whitelighter, who clearly has a big backstory that we need to find out more about.

If it was the political messages that put you off at first, give it a try again because it’s getting better.

4. The story is still about sisters

At first, the chemistry wasn’t there between all the sisters, but then that was to be expected. Let’s start with the fact that all three had come from different shows and had to get used to each other behind the scenes.

A pilot is never perfect. The Charmed pilot was created for the network and not for us. The second episode was the first created for us and by that point, the actresses had time to gel more.

But also, let’s not forget that the sisters haven’t grown up together. Macy Vaughn is a half-sister, who was raised by her dad. She comes to town and meets her half-sisters in the pilot episode.

The other two had been raised together, but there’s clearly an age gap there, which would affect bonding even with just two of them. I say that from experience.

However, this is a story that is still about these three sisters and their bond. As it gets stronger, it seems their powers are getting stronger. They’re learning as they go and that’s the important thing.

3. A big bad is in town

One thing that I didn’t quite like about the original Charmed was the monster-of-the-week format. I like a big bad of a season. That big bad doesn’t always have to show up, but I like there to be one.

The Charmed reboot has a big bad and he’s now in town. Played by the excellent Craig Parker from Reign, Alastair King is clearly the one that wants to kill the Charmed Ones. However, he doesn’t seem to be specifically after the Charmed Ones, which makes a change. His true agenda isn’t clear yet. We’ve seen him for a handful of episodes and there’s plenty more to come.

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If you love the big bads that are smart and plan things out, then you’ll love Charmed. Alastair only shows up now and then. He doesn’t do the dirty work himself most of the time, but when he does, he is one powerful (presumably) warlock.

While some of the writing early on has been stereotypical for a CW show, Alastair’s storyline has been thought out. He reminds me a lot of Narcisse in Reign, which suits Parker to a tee. And any Reign fan will likely enjoy the modern day conniving man.

2. There’s a mixture of magic

As well as a diverse cast, there’s a diverse amount of magic. While the original series focused mostly only on North American, white magic, Charmed on The CW is changing that. There is a focus on some other magic.

To start with, the spells aren’t all in English. In fact, the very first is in Latin and we’ve had spells in other languages over the course of the first six episodes.

Charmed Season 1, Episode 6 introduced us to Haitian magic. This is all linked to Macy’s potential love interest Galvin, who has a mark on him. What could the mark be? I’m not going to spoil but you can read the recap for the episode if you want to spoil yourself.

There’s hope for more international magic. Hopefully, it’s going to be better handled than American Horror Story, which viewed white magic as more superior to voodoo.

What would be better is if the magic used was of the cultures of the three sisters, but I’ll overlook that for now. So far, the full story of the witch line hasn’t been explained, so I’m keeping my mind open to what could come in the future. But at least there is a focus on different types of magic.

1. It’s an updated story for the current CW audience

If you love the likes of 90210Dynasty, and Magnum P.I reboots for the modern-day takes on old stories, then there is a chance that you’ll enjoy the new Charmed. All the shows are basically the same. They bring an updated look and feel to what fans once loved.

Those who enjoy the likes of Legacies and Riverdale will also likely enjoy Charmed. There’s the magical elements, the mystery in a small town, and the family bonds.

But this point is about the modern-day take. Let’s face it, there is a dated element to the original series. I cringe at some of the episodes, some of the storylines, and definitely some of the costumes.

Classic Charmed certainly had its flaws and I’m more than willing to admit it. In fact, the first episode my husband watched was one of the most cringe-worthy Season 5 episodes and I was sad that it was his first introduction to the show. In fact, I was embarrassed for the series.

The CW’s Charmed has brought the show to a new era. It’s added the new technology, focused on new events happening, and opted for a slightly darker appearance. The CGI, for the most part, is better (I think CGI is struggling right now across all shows for some reason) and the storylines aren’t as bad as a lot of people make them out to be.

If you’re a current CW audience, this is going to be a show for you. Those who aren’t within the young adult age group then maybe it won’t be. But I honestly think any show deserves a real chance first. Don’t just judge on the opinions of others and the trailers/videos you’ve seen online and try not to compare it to the classic series.


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